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  • We buy the property
  • We rehab the property
  • We put qualified tenants in the property
  • We sell the property to you (your name is on the title)
  • We lease it back from you, and pay you a set monthly income
  • Through our lease, we become responsible for everything property-related, including all expenses

Examples of Annual Net Income Based
on Investment Amount

The table below will give you an idea of the kind of annual net income you would earn through a
Secured Portfolio with Hughes Capital, with or without financing.

These calculations have Tax Benefits and Principal Paydown.


Annual Net Income with Depreciation

(Without Financing) (With Financing)

$100,000$7,250 to $8,500$15,000 to $17,500
$300,000$21,750 to $25,500$45,000 to $52,500
$500,000$36,250 to $42,500$75,000 to $87,500
$1,000,000$72,500 to $85,000$150,000 to $175,000

We Find That Most of Our 1031 Exchange Investors Earn
Double or More What They Were Previously Earning on
Their Investment Properties.

Let’s say that 25 years ago John and Sue bought a rental property for $300,000, with $100,000 in equity and a $200,000 mortgage. Today, $50,000 of the mortgage is paid off, and the property has appreciated $200,000 giving them a total equity of $350,000. Let’s assume that this property has a net income of around $1,500/month or $18,000/year.

(Remember that your net income is rent minus all of your expenses. It is what you get to keep in your pocket.)

$18,000 per year of net income is not bad, but the equity John and Sue built up within the investment property (by paying down their mortgage and by gaining $200,000 in appreciation) is no longer being utilized in an optimal way because while their equity has significantly increased, their net income has only slightly increased.

With Secured Portfolio, you could be making double or more because you are putting every single dollar of your equity straight to work for you. We see this all the time with 1031 Exchange investors.


What Can I Look Forward To As An Investor?

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Our Nationwide Team is
Responsible For Everything

This is how we, as the lessee of your property, are able to make your investment 100% passive and ensure your set monthly income is paid on time and in full.

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  • Acquire and rehab the homes
  • Find qualified tenants
  • Pay for all expenses
  • Are responsible for everything from replacing the water heater to dealing with tenant turnover
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and recession-resistant returns for investors. Here’s how:


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